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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's chronology and studies of the Big Finish audio series reimagining of The Prisoner. I will be presenting my studies of each episode, such as commentary on the philosophical issues examined, sound bits of memorable dialog, and my own musings. 

The Prisoner: Departure and Arrival The Prisoner: The Schizoid Man The Prisoner: Your Beautiful Village The Prisoner: The Chimes of Big Ben The Prisoner: I Met a Man Today
"Departure and Arrival" "The Schizoid Man" "Your Beautiful Village" "The Chimes of Big Ben" "I Met a Man Today"
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
After abruptly resigning from his job, British agent ZM-73 finds himself captive in a perversely idyllic village.  Number 6 is confronted with an exact double of himself. Number 6's sanity is stretched by an act of deprivation. A new captive tries a novel approach to escaping the Village. Number 6 struggles to believe whether he's actually escaped the Village when he manages to flee back to England on a homemade raft.
The Prisoner: Project Six The Prisoner: Hammer Into Anvil The Prisoner: Living in Harmony
"Project Six" "Hammer Into Anvil" "Living in Harmony"    
Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8    
Number 2 has been assigned a project focused on Number 6. Number 6's former nemesis Thorpe becomes the new Number 2. Number 6 finds himself caught up in an out of this world plot. Free for All The Girl Who Was Death
The Seltzman Connection No One Will Know